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A buffalo hide flogger with 1" wide falls that is based on one of Master Taino's flogger he calls "Nasty Shit" that has more of a slappy feel and is a great seane ender not for the novice player.

Buffalo Hide is a thick softer leather that creates a heavy, very thuddy flogger. The weight and softness of the leather creates a nice heavy thud.

Falls Black Only

The 16" and 18" long falls come standard with a 8" long, 1" wide Handle. The 20"-24" long fall come standard with a 9" long, 1" wide handle. They all come standard with s 12 Plait Handle in the colors and Handle Pattern of your choice. Nasty Shit Floggers come standard with 15-16 falls depending on the hide.

16 plait and higher plaits available Contact us for pricing and other custom options

Each Flogger is hand crafted to order. Lead times for orders may vary from two weeks to six months depending on the availability of hides and time of year. Feel free to contact us for our current lead time for custom orders.

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