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Our Galley Whips are like a signal whip with a flogger on the end. The flexible whip body gives it more versatility than a flogger. You can use it just like a flogger but with just a flick of the wrist you can change the sensation. Galley Whips are great for learning to use a flexible whip with being more forgiving than a signal whip. So, it is great for beginners as well as experts. They are a great for learning to Florentine whips as well

Moose Hide is a medium weight soft but dense leather that creates a great all-round high impact galley whip. The softness of the Moose Hide creates a nice thuddy feel but the density of the leather gives it a bite as well. Moose is one of my favorite galley whips and one of my best sellers.

Our Moose Galley Whips have a shot Loaded Core, with Kangaroo hide Plaited Belly and Bolsters. With a 12, 16, 20, or 24 Plait Kangaroo overlay with Moose hide falls. Moose Hide Galley Whips have a 22" flexible body with an average of 20-25 Falls (depending on the hide) 3/8" wide and 14" Long bursting out of the end of the body of the whip. Contact us about other Custom options.

Falls Black Only

If there are requests to make a change to any standard whip designs you should email me before placing an order to discuss

Matching Sets are also Available. If you would like a matching set just order 2 of the same item and I will make them as a matching set

Each Whip is hand crafted to order using 1st grade kangaroo hides. Lead times for orders may vary from two weeks to four months depending on the availability of hides and time of year. Feel free to contact us for our current lead time for custom orders.

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